Calling all accountants!

We know the key advisory role you play in our retail clients’ decision making, and we believe we can help. No matter your approach to payroll, we have something you might be interested in. Are you:

Already providing outsourced payroll?
Interested in payroll as growth business unit?
Referring customers to a DIY solution?
No one’s invested much energy into making outsourced payroll providers’ lives easier.

Until now.

By automating staff info / timesheet collection via smartphone or web app, enhancing ease of use, increasing processing speeds, and offering a simple per-payslip fee model, we provide a tool for outsourced payroll providers to improve the efficiency of existing work, and perhaps (we hope) increase the attractiveness of providing payroll services.

You’ll simply pay us a wholesale per-payslip rate, rather than paying for an EULA for each instance of the software.

We’d like that solution to be ours. If you advise your clients to go elsewhere for payroll, we know you’re concerned with making sure the destination is the right one.

From our dedicated customer care to our great pricing, let us show you why we deserve your referrals. See how we reward our affiliate referrers below.